Flocking specialist since 40 years

Flocking specialist, SEF has manufactured and marketed for the last 40 years a very wide range of unique materials designed for the various industries dealing with covering, book binding, stationery, packaging, decoration, framing, printing and graphic arts, textile garments, vacuum-forming and high frequency welding.
As a flocking specialist we are ready to cooperate in any development of new industrial applications.

Each year, SEF markets new collections, new textures, to meet the technical and aesthetic requirements of the designers, converters and printers.

4,5 million sqm per year

Based in Laval (France), in our 7230 sqm factory we produce 4,5 million sqm per year. A team of 62 staff takes particular care of producing materials that meet the technical requirements of our clients.
With 3 M€ invested during the last 5 years we have been able to improve constantly our facilities and to develop new products on a permanent basis.
Our manufacturing facilities :

- 3 flocking lines in width 160 to 210 cm
- 1 coating line in width 210 cm
- 1 adhesive workshop
- Cutting & humidifying machines
- 1 packing workshop
- 1 R&D laboratory

Quality & Innovation

SEF is well know throught the world for its quality.
As a matter of fact, “Endless improvement” can be considered as our corporate motto.
Every single process of our quality-system is analysed on a regular basis, in order to be optimised, so that it can match better all customers’ needs and expectations.
At every level of our company, we carry out a strategy of strong involvement of all actors. Today, everybody recognizes himself in our main goal : improving customer satisfaction.

Similarly, our R&D strategy aims at improving our creativity.
In relation with our Marketing & Sales Departments, we develop materials which fulfil the needs of our customers today and tomorrow.
But we also invest a great share of our R&D effort in very innovative studies without immediate application, which pave the way for our know-how and innovating capacity on the longer term.

SEF throughout the world